Lucky Bunny

Lucky Bunny

We believe Lucky to be a New Zealand rabbit, and despite the name, she is still a full-blooded American girl!

She's a bit shy, but watch out! If you aren't paying attention she'll take your shoelaces off before you know it!

She loves dandelions and everything green and leafy!

Her hobbies are chewing paper towel rolls, napping, and getting petted.

Orange is her favorite color. Why else would her chin always be that color? Do you think carrot-dye is a new fad?

About Red Eowyn

As we all know, life can be a bit twisty-turny, right?

As the King said during the Knave of Hearts' trial, "Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

It began with a botanist doing what botanists do, i.e., snooping around for plants, fungi, mosses and other strange thingamajigs and whatnots in the wilds of Oregon. And then, quite improbably, and most dishearteningly, the botany job's funding ran dry! Who would have guessed?

A few years before this, a family-based company called Cape Arago Rubber Stamps was started by two of the most fabulous and creative artists on the planet.

Lessons were learned, creativity was sparked, and soon the daughter of the founders of Cape Arago Rubber Stamps brought Red Eowyn to fruition.

A few stamp sheets were developed, and then more and more classic images were meticulously cleaned up and made stamp-worthy. And then a few more.

While the selection of stamps is not yet overly-grand, the attention to customer satisfaction and product quality is second to none.

That being said, the Red Eowyn stamp selection will grow with time. Just be patient.

Red Eowyn currently wears the webmaster hat for the family businesses. A webmasters job is never done!

But have no fear! Red Eowyn instantly grabs the rubber-stamp-maker hat whenever an order shows up in the Red Eowyn inbox. And orders are shipped the next business day, because Red Eowyn believes that fast orders make happy customers!

And if you are wondering who the mystery bunny is that can be seen hopping or lounging around the website, then say hello to Lucky Bunny, the luckiest bunny in the whole world! What website featuring Alice in Wonderland would be complete without a white rabbit to chase down the rabbit hole, right?

Red Eowyn can be reached anytime at

Red Eowyn hopes you enjoy browsing the current selection of stamps, and that you visit the other family businesses linked below.

Please consider visiting:
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