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Have you made something with RedEowyn stamps that you would like to share?

Send an email to RedEowyn with your name, location, the image of your RedEowyn creative project as a .jpg, and even a link to your blog or personal webpage.

Did you get published in a magazine?

Don't be shy!

Let us know!


Note: Please send images that are at least 600 pixels wide (bigger is okay, as they can be sized to 600 px). The images on the right are all 600 pixels wide.


Red Eowyn Angel Policy

Red Eowyn is proud to be an angel company.

We encourage you to use our stamps in your artwork (non-commercial or commercial) as long as you stamp them by hand.

You are welcome to use our stamps in projects you submit for publication, but please give credit to Red Eowyn.

If you get published we'd love to hear about it!

If you create something wonderful with our stamps, please consider sending us a picture (.jpg) by email.

We would love to post your Red Eowyn artistic creations in the Red Eowyn GALLERY, with your permission, of course.

Reproduction of Red Eowyn images in any other medium - electronic or mechanical - is strictly prohibited.

Red Eowyn images are NOT a source for clip art.

All rights reserved.

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