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My fairy name is Yarrow Elfdancer. She is a cheerful sprite. She lives close to vixen and badger sets. She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup. She dresses in black and white like a badger. She has delicate green wings like a cicada. Get your free fairy name here!

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Red Eowyn's Blog

August 13, 2008: Carrot? What carrot? I don't see any carrot? Did you lose a carrot?

Peter denies taking the carrot...

Peter and Lucky are best buds with a hankering for carrots and all-day naps.

Peter and Lucky enjoy being together finally...


July 2nd, 2008: Peter went to the vet today and got... ahem... fixed. The vet says he may still be fertile for 6 more weeks! They both hate the fence, but you gotta do what you gotta do... otherwise... billions of bunnies! Oh, and Peter No-Nuts likes dandelions, too.


June 27, 2008: Goodness gracious! It'a a new bunny! And since boys will be boys... the temporary fence. Lucky was so happy to see another furry face! The bunny flops were too numerous to count. On both sides of the fence.

Lucky and Peter Get To Know Each Other - June 27, 2008


June 17, 2008: has launched its new site design! Hooray!


June 15, 2008: Did you see Sue Larson's stamping on wooden boxes feature on page 12 of the July/August 2008 Rubber Stamp Madness Magazine? Very cool! A lot of those Alice in Wonderland rubber stamps are mine! The credit went to Cape Arago Rubber Stamps, but that's okay. I hope people that see the article find my Alice stamps anyway.


May 14, 2008: RedEowyn received a new gallery image yesterday. I hope everyone goes and checks it out. It is really nice work!


I am currently working on webmaster duties for Cape Arago Rubber Stamps, which will be getting a new site design. When that gets done, I may try to make another Alice in Wonderland stamp set. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get all the projects I have on my to-do-list done. *sigh*


Lucky spent the day in the shade with a tasty dandelion.

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